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"I am an Australian fitness model, professional bikini competitor and brand ambassador who lives and breathes a healthy and active lifestyle.


My personal experiences of overhauling my lifestyle has driven me to inspire and help others to do the same - no matter what your starting point is." Lauren Simpson

Lauren Simpson is an AMAZING Athlete !!!!!!!!!!


I have already participated to 3 of her Challenges and i am about to start my 4th one with her.

Beyond the GREAT RESULTS you will obtain, with Lauren Simpson you are not just training ! it is MUCH MORE than that !


 Strong form her experience and her knowledge she will teach you along the way. Her philosophy Knowledge is power, that is why she wants to share and help other people all over the world to achieve their goals on the smart ways and uplift their fitness Journey.

You will learn about her training method, about nutrition, you will receive tips about fitness and you will be a part of an amazing community of people sharing the same passion and supporting each other. 

Your will get stronger physically but your MINDSET will change as well.

THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE i have ever had !!!!






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